A diverse group of professionals standing together, wearing business attire and smiling at the camera. They appear confident and engaged in their work.
A diverse group of professionals standing together, wearing business attire and smiling at the camera. They appear confident and engaged in their work.

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elysian odyssey

Elysian Odyssey is a game development platform that requires no prior game development skills, allows seamless asset integration, delivers extremely lightweight content, powered by the revolutionary iMagus engine.



Revolutionize the Gaming Industry


Create a Sustainable,
Player-Driven Ecosystem


Our Story

iMagus engine

i Magus Engine


TheiMagus engine is the heart of Elysian Odyssey, designed to make game development accessible and efficient. Our custom-built engine delivers high-quality graphics, lightweight content, and seamless asset integration.

Key Advantages

No Prior Skills Required - Create and develop games without any technical expertise.

- Optimized Performance - Enjoy high-quality graphics with minimal weight.

- Blockchain Integration - Secure and transparent transactions with full on-chain support.

- Easy asset integration - Effortlessly integrate assets for a seamless game development experience


Designed for all game types, our platform supports 2D, 3D, AAA titles, indie games, and beyond, ensuring versatility and flexibility for any development project.

The Genesis

Featured Game

Discover 'The Genesis', our first AI-driven AAA MMORPG. Explore a vast, dynamic world filled with adventure and opportunity .


Elysian Odyssey's play-and-earn model allows you to earn real-world rewards by participating in the game. Completequests, win battles, and contribute to the ecosystem andearn $ELY tokens.

In-Game Professions

Choose from various in-game professions such as crafting, trading, and mining. Each profession offers unique opportunities to earn and grow within the game.












You can buy, sell, and trade NFTs securely. Discover rare items and expand your collection.



Team Expension and fundraising

During this phase, our team focuses on expanding the team with highly competent individuals that are leading professionals in the industry. Also the team is starting to raise funds to secure it’s development:

Fundraising: Raising funds in this stage will make sure the team will have enough resources to develop the best possible product and ensure it has smooth launch process on the market. Team Expansion: Scaling our development team with skilled professionals in game design, development, and blockchain integration. Alpha trailer: we will release the first trailer of the Elysian Odyssey game




NFT Community Building and NFT Sale

During this phase our team has worked on creating the storyline, designing the characters, building community and selling the characters in form of NFT.
Lore creation: The story about the four beings of genesis has been born. Each character got in depth explanation about their abilities and disadvantages Character design: Each character was carefully designed to contain the characteristics described in the Lore. NFT mint: 5556 Elysians were born to live on the blockchain Community building: a community of 1000+ holders was created.



Conceptualization and Development

During this phase, our team focuses on conceptualising the game mechanics, storyline, and world-building elements of Elysian Odyssey. Key activities include:

- Conceptualization: Refining the game concept, defining core gameplay mechanics, and establishing the narrative framework. - Prototype Development: Building early-stage prototypes to test fundamental game mechanics and gather user feedback.




Full development mode and launch preparations

In this phase, we conduct alpha testing to gather insights from early adopters and refine the game based on their feedback. Key activities include:

Alpha Testing: Inviting a select group of players to participate in closed alpha testing to evaluate gameplay mechanics, identify bugs, and provide suggestions for improvement. Iterative Development: Implementing iterative updates and enhancements based on alpha testing feedback to optimize gameplay, user experience, and performance. Community Engagement: Engaging with the community through regular updates, feedback sessions, and community-driven initiatives to foster a sense of ownership and collaboration.



Token Launch and Community Expansion

During this phase, we prepare for the public launch of ELY and focus on expanding our community outreach efforts. Key activities include:

Community Building: Scaling our community outreach efforts through social media campaigns, influencer partnerships, and community events to attract new players and build a vibrant gaming and crypto community. Marketing Campaigns: Launching targeted marketing campaigns to raise awareness about Elysian Odyssey and drive user acquisition. Token Launch: Opening our community to a wider audience through a public release, allowing players and investors to join our community




Elysian Odyssey beta release

In the final phase, we officially launch Elysian Odyssey and continue to support the game with regular updates, content expansions, and community engagement initiatives. Key activities include:

Official Launch: Celebrating the official launch of Elysian Odyssey across multiple platforms, including PC, console, and mobile devices. Post-Launch Support: Providing ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the stability, security, and performance of the game. Content Expansions: Introducing new content updates, expansions, and DLCs to keep the game fresh and engaging for players. Community Events: Hosting regular community events, tournaments, and competitions to foster player engagement and retention.